The first issue we will look at is how to do laptop repair when your laptop is getting too hot, and freezing. The first thing you should do is figure out why it is getting too hot. The problem could be that it has dust trapped in between the fan that is supposed to cool the computer off and the heat sink. The heat sink tells the fan when the computer is getting overheated so that it can cool it down. If there is a lot of dust in between the two then it does not tell the computer it is too hot and it will shut off or freeze. The easy fix for this problem is to remove the cooling unit, but in most computers there are things in front of it or around it that you can tear up. You need to find a good laptop repair shop and let them take care of it for you. Another problem that your laptop could have is a color change that causes some of the screen to not show up. This can make it very difficult to type and do research online. You can figure out what is causing this before you take it to laptop repair. The way you can determine the problem is by connecting the laptop to an external monitor. If you have the colors distorted on both screens then it is a problem with the laptops graphic card. If the only screen that is distorted is your laptop's screen then it is a problem with the display. Letting the laptop repair guy know this can get your laptop back faster.